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This blog is going to self-destruct. Things will go BOOM, and letters and mixed metaphors will go flying all over the place. And who knows who or what might come for you if you insist on staying here..

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Mott is Moving

Posted: August 10, 2017 in Random Awesomeness

Hey there, friends and neighbors!

I will be moving the content of Mott’s Ruminations to a shiny new blog titled…wait for it…Martin Reaves!

Hey it’s my name, so sue me. 

Anyway, I’ll be recycling posts there for a short while, whilst all y’all hop over and follow the new blog. I hope you’ll join me. Scribblers on Celluloid will be back–I’ll be reposting the older reviews to the new site. All new Scribblers reviews will only appear on the new site.

Enough already. Click RIGHT HERE to join the shiny newness.